Calling All Trekkies!

Happy February 1st, everyone! I especially love February because it’s my birthday month. And I wouldn’t want to spend it any other way than being here.

So here it is. I’m excited to announce pre-orders for Beyond Uhura are finally open!

Because this book is largely out of print it took a very long time to find enough copies to do a run of boxes with, so please understand that we have a limited supply! Once they’re gone we can’t order more.

The boxes will start going on on March 4th, and will contain space and Star Trek themed merch, pampering self care products, wax melts, and a selection of teas, all to help you relax while reading this splendid book.

Please feel free to follow us on FB, IG, and Twitter and let us know about your box!


Due to some unforeseen circumstances, it seems my main PC has decided to die on me, and I can’t do the PayPal links on my phone for payment. If you would like to order the March Box on its own, please feel free to message me on any of the social media platforms provided in the about page, or you can email me directly. We are working an getting the problem fixed, and I hope it won’t cost me too much 😅