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All book boxes contain one book, a bookmark with original artwork, delicious tea blends, and pampering self care products.

We do our best to source our books from secondhand sources because we firmly believe in an eco-friendly business model. That being said, we strive to deliver the best quality to all our customers, so we vet the items we include in our boxes with extreme prejudice. All the packaging used and included with your items is recyclable.

Because of how the site is set up, I had to add the price of shipping to the total cost of the box itself. The box is $45, and shipping is $12. I’m sorry for any confusion. We will only be shipping within the US for now.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Thank you.

Subscription Options:



Calling all Trekkies! Our March box is all about one of the greatest ladies in all of sci-fi and fandom, Nichelle Nichols! Along with her book, Beyond Uhura, you will receive an assortment of space and Star Trek themed goodies, along with your self care and pampering items. We’re very excited to present this box to you, and we have worked hard to fill it with items that we know you will love.

Pre-Order is open!!!


3 Month Subscription

A three month subscription only charges you shipping for the first month’s box! You will get the second and third boxes with free shipping.


6 Month Subscription

You pay absolutely no shipping for a six month subscription!


One Year Subscription

A year's subscription has no shipping fee and a 20% discount!