Other than it’s actual definition, slush was a term we used for books and items that had been taken from their homes and left in piles around the store. When you are in a bookstore and you hear a manager call for a ‘slush run,’ it usually means anyone not helping a customer has to drop what they’re doing and congregate over a pile of ‘slush’ (merch), and quickly work to put it all back. Some slush was easier to tackle than others. Some nights our slush was an avalanche the opening the crew had to help us tackle so we didn’t have to put in overtime. Thankfully, we don’t have to deal with slush here, but sadly sometimes some of our carefully vetted boxes don’t sell completely. Thus the slush page.

Here you will find books and items that need a home.

Beyond Uhura Box

The box contains Star Trek merchandise, self care products, and one copy of Beyond Uhura- Nichelle Nichol's autobiography. We had four boxes left after our pre-order ended. The price includes shipping.