About IKS

I have had the privilege of working in the book industry, and the heartbreak of seeing the place I work in close. But for the decade I was there, I learned more about books and literature, than I ever did in the classroom. I absolutely loved my job, and read my way through many sections of it before we closed our doors. I consider books to be one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and each other.

I have also worked in the aromatherapy industry making handmade artisanal body products for over a decade. My previous business was doing very well, until it was destroyed (along with most of my roof) in hurricane Irma. That was quickly followed up by emergency brain surgery.

Rebuilding has been difficult and now more than a year later we are finally at a point where we can begin once more!

I Know a Story was started as collaboration of ideas. Having extensive experience in the world of books and skincare, we decided to put the two together to make a monthly box we have yet to be seen offered by any other subscription business. Something that engages your mind, and helps you relax.

We have plans for different themes in the future, but are still in the middle of procurement. Until then, please feel free to follow us on FB, IG, and Twitter for more announcements.

Email: IKnowAStoryLover@gmail.com

IG: @IKnowAStory

Twitter: @IKnowAStoryBox

FB: https://www.facebook.com/iknowastory/