April Box is Here!

Our April box is going to be a celebration of women in science!

‘Hidden Figures tells the story of three African-American women who worked as computers to solve problems for engineers and others at NASA. For the first years of their careers, the workplace was segregated and women were kept in the background as human computers. Author Margot Lee Shetterly’s father was a research scientist at NASA who worked with many of the book’s main characters.

The book explains how these three historical women overcame discrimination and racial segregation to become three American achievers in mathematics, scientific and engineering history. The main character, Katherine Johnson, calculated rocket trajectories for the Mercury and Apollo missions. Johnson successfully “took matters into her own hands”; by being assertive with her supervisor; when her mathematical abilities were recognized, Katherine Johnson was allowed into all male meetings at NASA. 

And remember your box comes with handmade pampering products and a haul of nerdy stuff! Pre-Order ends on March 20th, so get your boxes now!

Calling All Trekkies!

Happy February 1st, everyone! I especially love February because it’s my birthday month. And I wouldn’t want to spend it any other way than being here.

So here it is. I’m excited to announce pre-orders for Beyond Uhura are finally open!

Because this book is largely out of print it took a very long time to find enough copies to do a run of boxes with, so please understand that we have a limited supply! Once they’re gone we can’t order more.

The boxes will start going on on March 4th, and will contain space and Star Trek themed merch, pampering self care products, wax melts, and a selection of teas, all to help you relax while reading this splendid book.

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Pre-Orders End Today!

secret loves of geek girls

Today is the last day to pre-order our February book box. Make sure to get your order in before the listing closes! You will get a copy of The Secret Loves of Geek Girls, various self care items, handmade bath products, wax melts, and other goodies!

Boxes will be shipped out on February 4th, and the new March box will be announced on February 1st! Stay tuned, Trekkies!


Pre-Orders are Open!

When I was thinking about what kind of box I wanted to make, I knew that I wanted to add all the things that I loved to it. I am an artist, a scientist, and a geek. I am a certified aromatherapist, so I am able to make skincare and bath products. And I am an avid lover of the written word. All of these things made me want to design a box that pampered you, but also engaged your mind. So I decided that instead of going with fictional books that would be entertaining, but so much of the same as other box subscriptions, I wanted to reach out to geeky ladies and offer them books that made them feel part of a community. With an emphasis on women in geekdom, the books that we will be putting in our boxes will celebrate women’s contributions to science, fandom, media, writing, academics, and much more. I’m so very excited to share these titles with you.

Pre-orders for February are now open!

Orders Orders Orders

I’ve put several orders in this morning for packaging and items that will be included in our first boxes, as well as a few things that will help me make items for several more boxes! As soon as I am ready to start making and pouring, I will be posting pictures here and on the Instagram account. The first box will definitely contain bath bombs, clamshell packs with wax melts, and a few more handmade self care products, along with your book.

But before I throw myself into making batches of the smelly stuff, I have to get the packaging and ingredients together! I’m used to this, as I ran a body products business for over ten years. Unfortunately it was destroyed by hurricane Irma, and all my back stock with it. It also left a huge hole in my roof! But I definitely have the knowledge and know how to make a quality product!

So as soon as I get down to production, I will start spamming all of you with photos! Stay tuned guys, because once the boring adulting is over, the fun stuff will begin 🕯