The mill that brought a rural community back to life.

Talgarth Mill is one of the few remaining working mills in Wales. Restored in 2011 with the help of local volunteers and lottery funding, the 18th century mill produces flour made from wheat grown 10 miles away. The mill’s on-off switch is a plank of wood and a piece of rope which release the waters of the river Ellywe and turn the stones which grind the wheat. The flour is then sold in the attached shop and the bread hand made in mill’s bakery. With such a beautiful simplicity the mill really connects you to the place and adds a value to the bread which is rarely found any where. The mill’s cafe and craft stock local food and art and have a buzz which brings the Talgarth community to life.

Talgarth Mill has been built by the community for the community. It gives everyone who visits it a real sense of what Talgarth and surrounding Welsh hills have to offer. Be sure to stop there for a freshly baked loaf and mill tour if you’re passing through.

Many thanks to the workers and volunteers of Talgarth Mill